TechWallet - There Are No Coins™

This is a web wallet app for Monero testnet and a server-internal private network called technet. It does not work for Monero mainnet and never will, so all you can manage here are completely worthless coins. This opens the way to play and learn about Monero wallets in a completely safe way, and without fear.

Nevertheless nothing is merely simulated, everything is "real" and fully runs on Monero tech following the rules. The one difference: Technet has a target blocktime of 30 seconds which lets you experiment 4 times faster than on testnet.

As a noteworthy difference to almost all other Monero wallet apps this one tries to show you how things technically work: How, on a fundamental level, there are no "wallets", and there are no "coins", only information recorded in the Monero blockchain.

This is an almost fully server-based app. I therefore can rob all the XMR you manage here, and I find it very refreshing that for once this does not matter even one bit, as those funds are worthless!

Again: Monero mainnet not supported, no true value transfer, testnet + private technet only

No wallet is currently open.

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