Technical Info

TechWallet is an ASP.NET MVC Core application, written in C# and currently running on a Windows server.

As a Monero web wallet its architecture is unusual: Whereas other web wallets try to run as much as possible in the user's browser to protect their privacy and make it very hard for the wallet's website to steal any coins, TechWallet does almost everything server-side. Because of this you can even run it with JavaScript off and only loose minor features like auto-refresh and time display according to your own timezone. Access through Tor is absolutely not problem either. (But you need cookies enabled during use of the wallet.)

The Monero wallets themselves are managed by instances of Monero's monero-wallet-rpc binary. RPC calls go through Agorist-Action's csharp-monero-rpc-client library, arguably the best one for C# at the moment. For some sort of load-balancing there are 3 technet and 3 testnet RPC binaries running on their own server.

Some info about transactions like rings is not easily obtainable through wallet or daemon RPC calls. To get at them nevertheless additionally two private instances of the Onion Monero Blockchain Explorer are queried by the server app.

You find more info about website and author on the general About page.